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About Birlapur

Birlapur town is a small census town in South 24 Parganas District of West Bengal state. This small town gets its unique name from once famous industrialist M P Birla, who built many factories and industries here . Although today many of these factories and industries have been closed down, but there is no denying that these factories once served as economic hope for this town.

About Birlapur

History of Birlapur

History of Birlapur town as well as history of entire undivided Parganas region is largely dedicated to bravery of a Bengal king from medieval period, namely Maharaja Pratapaditya. He was founder and king of Jessore kingdom (Jessore is now located in Bangladesh). Founded in 14th century, Jessore kingdom’s territory during its zenith stretched from Jessore to present day Parganas region of West Bengal. However, what made Maharaja Pratapaditya into an historical figure was his epic bravery against the powerful Mughals. Once a subordinate and close ally of Mughals, Maharaja Pratapaditya rebelled against Mughals to make his empire the sole and most powerful kingdom of entire Bengal region.

Maharaja Pratapaditya and Mughals fought two major wars to decide their fate. The first war was fought near Salka town, while second war was fought near Kagarghat town. Maharaja Pratapaditya suffered defeat in both these wars and accepted his painful fate. However, Maharaja Pratapaditya’s end was actually more painful than mere losing his entire kingdom. That’s because until his death he had spent rest of his life as a prisoner. He is believed to have died in one of the prison cells in Benaras city.
While Maharaja Pratapaditya may have lost war against Mughals, but his heroics and courage made him into a great historical figure. Reverence and respect for him is found even more in Parganas region where his kingdom was once the supreme and undisputed ruler.

Economy of Birlapur

Birlapur town is not exactly an industrial powerhouse, but local industries do play a very important role in driving its economy forward. One such critical industry is Birla Jute Mill, which provides employment to as many as 5000 to 7000 locals here. Besides this huge jute mill, there are also quite a few other factories and industries operated by Birla Industries. On economic front Birla industries has indeed made a huge contribution to this small town. However, over the years many factories and industries have been shut down, causing massive unemployment here. Fortunately though these employment losses have been compensated by employment opportunities generated in few important adjoining towns like Falta, Kolkata and Salt Lake city. For instance, today substantial numbers of Birlapur’s locals are employed in Special Economic Zone or SEZ located in neighboring Falta town. Falta’s SEZ is one of the biggest SEZ of West Bengal and its proximity is a major boon for small economy like Birlapur.

Profile of Birlapur

Over all, Birlapur’s economy is mainly sustained by industries and factories operating in and around its town. As such Birlapur town has immense potential to become a major industrial player in near future, provided if sustained effort is made by state administration.

Banks in Birlapur

As of today only one or two reputed banks are operating their branches in this town. Just one or two banks can never effectively fulfill banking demands of an entire town, even if it happens to be a very small town. In other or very simple words, Birlapur town ought to have more banks. If not in immediate future, then at least in distant future.On closing note we’d like to shed some light on important role played by small micro finance institutions and private money lenders, who are taking all the advantage of absence of formal banking services here. Although admittedly they are playing a pretty handy role, but owing to their many limitations they can never be as effective in offering financial services as banks can be.

UCO Bank
Address: Po Birlapur,P.S.Nodakh Ali, 24 Pargana
IFSC Code: UCBA0000306
Phone no: 033-24208205

Healthcare Services in Birlapur

There are very few well hospitals in Birlapur town. Among these the most prominent one is Birlapur Hospital. There is also immensely famous Birla Eye Clinic in the town. Both these hospitals and clinics are run and managed by Birla industries and are major boon for Birlapur’s local healthcare services. Besides, Birlapur’s local patients also benefit a lot for state-of-the art healthcare services in major cities like Kolkata, Bidhannagar and Howarh. If we’ve to sum up the entire scenario, then patients here are as much dependent on few local hospitals of their home town as they are dependent on well equipped hospitals of adjoining cities. Actually proximity with hospitals of adjoining cities has proven to be a huge boon for this small town.

Hospitals in Birlapur

Now talking about basic services like chemist shops and clinics, then there are sufficient numbers of them in this town. Their more than decent presence obviously lends huge relief and respite to local patients here.

Fortis Hospitals Ltd
Address: 730 Anadapur, E M Bypass, Beside Calcutta International School,
Kasba, Kolkata – 700107
Phone no: +(91)-33-33018548

Sterling Hospital
Address: 55/1, Bhupen Bose Avenue, Near Rajballav Para Bus Stop ,
Kolkata – 700004
Phone no: +(91)-33-33022585

Ispat Cooperative Hospital
Address: Kalikapur, Near Sonarpur Kalikapur Tematha, Sonarpur, Kolkata – 700150
Phone no: +(91)-33-33136232

Indus Nursing Home
Address: Andul Road, Before West Bank Hospital, Podrah, Howrah – 711103
Phone no: +(91)-33-33022506

Transportation in Birlapur

Local transportation in Birlapur is completely dependent on auto rickshaws. Local commuters here can pretty easily find auto rickshaws to travel to any part of the town or even to adjoining towns. Although total numbers of auto rickshaws available in the town is not really high, but they are still sufficient enough. That’s because Birlapur is a fairly small town and these decent numbers of auto rickshaws somehow able to manage the local transportation system. Coming to connectivity, then Birlapur town does not have a railway station. The nearest railway stations are Budgebudge and Bauria Railway Station. Both these railway station are located 8 to 9 kms away from Birlapur town. They are easily accessible via bus and railway services.

Birlapur in a glance

Country : India
State : West Bengal
District : South 24 Parganas
Population : Approximately 22,078 – 2011 census
Pin code: 743318
Officially languages: Bengali, English and Hindi

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